Quiet Open Space for Active or Passive Enjoyment




Consider an entrancing walk in Boulware Park on April 25 @ 11AM or 2PM. A pathway designates a meditative trajectory, with simple moments to hear and see. This is a walking meditation through a live sound performance (26 minute duration), with constructed visual elements which highlight reverberant elements of the space.


Weather, remember when that was the major concern and not fill in the blank? Well, yes, the NWS is predicting rain. (*) We will be outside setting up while you drink your morning coffee, so if it is raining and we need to reschedule, we will update this website by 10:40 AM on April 25 and we will reschedule for a different Sunday.

You could also undertake some radical citizen science and decide if it is to wet to join us. If when you open our your door or when you are walking over to the park you decide that it is to wet to be walking outside.... it is safe to assume the event will be rescheduled. Again, we will update the website so you can confirm your hypothesis.

It is important to note that we are using Shi'de which are Shinto symbols embued with a mysical power to encoiurage a good harvest with.... you gussed it, rain! Hence Shi'de take the form of lightning bolts. Clearly all of the metaphysical publicity has paid off, if we are able to coax the weather to produce rain. We are of course spiritualy invoking rain for the good of the community with the approach of fire season, so all the better if it happens.

(*) How often is the the weather service correct about predicting the date let alone the amount of rain in Palo Alto?


* Need a few pics or a short video, sure, go for it. Please be discreet & make sure to be present in the event before checking out for another mind numbing year of sitting in front of your computer screen.
** Experience community through proximity, without the small talk. Still wanna "get it"? read Aesthetics and Technical

Please note, there will be several inconspicuous videocameras used for documenting this work/performance.


Look, listen, tread lightly and be present.

Enter Boulware Park via Fernando Avenue. A tall signal indicates the starting position. The pathway denotes 6 foot spacing. Sounds and visual moments glide in and out of focus, observe a comfortable silence and relaxing pace.

Curious about our process/ideas? Read more about concepts, elements and techniques in Aesthetics & Technical. Be mindful that the piece is what you experience.


Have a thought/reaction or just want to say hi? Please email enjoyATlovelyweatherDOTcom.

Last edited on 2021/04/22